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experimentation is a philosophy

We like to experiment. It is both humbling and eye-opening. So we make gruits. Gruit is the umbrella term for a medieval style of beer that incorporates many types of bittering agents other than hops. Born from the brewer's imagination and the necessity of using whatever grew nearby, Gruit is a broad category of beers that experiments with traditional and unique ingredients. Our contemporary vision takes this to its logical and illogical conclusions - we use everything from wormwood to black tea to turmeric to wild yeasts harvested from the Los Angeles surrounds. We want you to enjoy our brews, but also to take the creative message of the Gruit to heart. Create something!

"Eye-Opening" - The Los Angeles Times


Who is Solarc?

Saul and Archie met through the LA arts community a few years back and bonded over a batch of mead, which they brewed while listening to Gregorian chant in Solarc's current headquarters, a barnlike garage behind Saul’s house in Highland Park.

After a few years of obsessively home brewing all sorts of magical potions and pouring their concoctions at art events around town, they decided to take it to the next level and launched Solarc Brewing in early 2015.

They manifest their imaginations in many ways and treat every aspect of Solarc Brewing as their art, from designing labels and graphics, to designing recipes and creative events. They are constantly trying to expand their palates and yours.


"For Carey and Alpert-Abrams, beer (is) a new experiential, participatory — and olfactory — art form."

L.A. Weekly