Do You Have A Location?

Not yet, but hopefully soon. We are so-called "gypsy brewers." This means we rent space at various local breweries to make our beer, using their licenses and equipment. We make everything you drink with our own two hands, and we own the brand, the beer, and the recipes— just not the brewing equipment.  We recently acquired our own 15bbl fermenter, which is located inside of Mumford Brewing in DTLA, where we produce all of our beers.

Where Can I Find Your Beer?

Our beer is available at numerous accounts throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. As we produce such small batches, it is often rotating on and off tap and in and out of bottle shops. Find a map on our "Find Our Beers" page, but make sure to call ahead if you're looking for something in particular. We are always on tap at Mumford Brewing.

I'm from a bar/bottle shop. How can I get your beer?

We are distributed through the Craft Beer Guild of Los Angeles. Contact your CBG rep directly. Or, if you don't know who your rep is, contact us to find out! info@solarcbrewing.com