Do You Have A Location?

Our home base is a barn like garage in Highland Park, but as far as the industry is concerned we are so-called "nomadic brewers." This means we rent space at various local breweries to make our beer legally, using their licenses and equipment. We make everything you drink with our own two hands, and we own the brand, the beer, and the recipes— just not the brewing equipment.  We've had the opportunity to brew with many skilled brewers all over the city building knowledge of different systems and are always working toward the goal of opening up a brick and mortar space to call home.

Where Can I Find Your Beer?

This is always a hard question to answer. We used to try to keep pan updated map on the site but it proved to be a disappointment when folks would go looking for a beer that had just sold out. Our volume is limited, but it all goes into distribution throughout Los Angeles and Orange County through Craft Beer Guild (CBG) Distributing. What this means is we've luckily grown to a place where someone else is selling our beer, BUT that also means it's hard to know where it is when asked...If you're really interested e-mail us at info@solarcbrewing.com with your location and we might be able to point you in the right direction. If you're really really interested ask your local bottle shop to pick up a case of Solarc from CBG distribution : )  Check our instagram and events page to see where you might be able to grab a beer at an event ~

I'm from a bar/bottle shop. How can I get your beer?

We are distributed through the Craft Beer Guild of Los Angeles. Contact your CBG rep directly. Or, if you don't know who your rep is, contact us to find out! info@solarcbrewing.com